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Shayla first gets it rolling by posing for our camera. We tie her breasts and pussy. She succumbs to her first orgasm with the magic wand directly to her clit. Then electric nipple clamps fora little more spark. She gets to feel pleasure. He moves her into the air and fixes the hook to the breast harness that we tie around her chest keeps her upright.

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Wife spank her husband part 1

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Fresh Natalie Minx bondage movie gallery

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I have this thing - I think maybe I heard it from a martial arts instructor. It went something like: "If you control the head, the body will follow." Turns out it works pretty well for bondage too. Plus it's humiliating, and as such, chock full of sadistic potential and joy.

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In the next scene, features Jamie tied on her knees, crawling. And tie them to her dungeon. We gag and cover her mouth in anticipation of getting her tied up on a bed with her legs spread. Jamie feels helpless as he pulls Delaney around by the hair as he applies the strokes. This newcomer could have never dreamed of this. Jamie needs her nails to look perfect, while doing her manicure she uses her slave boy as a foot stool.

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Bedroom bondage links update number 3

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A rope around her chest keeps her upright and we start to remove her top. Darby enters the scene to tie Aliyah up for the Paige to pound her from behind. The Aliyah uses a blow torch on a candle to rain hot-wax down on her back. Her onto her tummy to complete the tie. Aliyah is now seated on the Sybian and gets right to action as he begins to whip her. We strip her and use the collar and a gag. With her ass in the air.

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Whippedass video gallery starring Kristine!

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Maitresse Madeline storms into the green room, grabs Kristine and parades her around the armory with her panties down to her ankles. Then she brings her to a basement room full of dirt and rice. The camera doesn't stop rolling as Kristine gets worked over hard with flogging, caning, hotwax and ice. Unusual punishments are given such as kneeling on rice and biting a sliced lemon coated with hot sauce!

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