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"She begs for release. He leaves Camille bent backwards on the bed as we tie her elbows and arms in back. He lifts her up and begins by tickling her feet. Camille has taken in a less than fortunate young girl, but catches her stealing her cellular phone."

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"Another flogger appears and a whirlwind of leather and flesh ensues and fades to red... Tits bound on her knees, Alisha is mounted on the Sybian."

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"In the next scene, we balance her small body on a horizontal beam. She's been modelling for awhile, but its been a long time. The chest rig is pulled up."

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Melissa's mouth and force feeds her some more. He uses the dildo to push her limits. We give Melissa a day that I'm sure she won't be going anywhere.

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"He enjoys fondling her luscious body, and then lays her on the floor, struggling and waiting for his demented plans. In front of her crotch. The next scene, Julie's lets are frogtied and spread."

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