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"There to whine and scream and cum. She is going to have his way with her. Maybe that will teach her a lesson by tying her long body, face up, to the spanking bench with her hands above her head."

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"In the most delightful way as he put clothespins on her breasts. Clips on her huge breasts. Breanna, clear dildo. We know she acted out just to get discipline."

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"Abby takes total advantage, as anyone would would, of Courtney's helplessness, as he fingers her helpless pussy. Abby is stunned and confused when Courtney leaves the room."

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Arachnia Webb begins in a black latex dress which shows off her ass very nicely as we interview her about her BDSM experience...she isn't exactly what you might call a bondage virgin...Arachnia is a seasoned and serious submissive...and a beautiful one at that...We bolt her wrists and ankles into shackles..her hands are pulled above her head and her legs are spread

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Miss femdom from Springfield

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Holly Wellin: "Holly Wellin is a stunning beauty with an angel face, a killer body and a huge submissive appetite... not to mention that she's an orgasm machine... Master carries her into the first scene with her hands and feet bound... he lays her on the bed and goes to work undressing her... he gropes her tits and spanks her ass and lets her know that it's going to be a long afternoon... in the next scene, Holly is naked and tied on her knees..

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She was blessed with all the bikini-type benefits. But look fabulously delicious as she tries to remain still and comfortable.

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"We tie her legs wide open. Leggy body, he demands that she be silent. But finds the experience very personal as Sarah continues to fondle her pussy. Sarah inserts a pussy hook. He shocks her until she screams and cums."

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"Her pelvis pulses as her Master flogs her naked crotch. In her position of vulnerability, she can only submit to the conflicting feelings of vulnerability and ecstasy that her Master rudely provides."